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Named in honor of the famed French actress, this cultivar made its debut in 1906 and has remained hugely popular for more than a century. It is a large, 8 in. diameter fully double and fragrant rose pink peony with petals edged in silvery white. Plant the rhizome in full sun to dappled afternoon shade with the ”eyes” (small pink growing tips) pointing upwards no deeper than 1 in. beneath the soil. Failure to flower can occur if planted too deeply. Water regularly when top 3 in. of soil are dry. Deer and rabbits do not graze.

Peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’

SKU: 2PN050
    • 36 in. tall rose pink/silvery white
    • Blooms mid to late spring, sun/part shade
    • Fragrant double 8 in. blooms
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