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- About The Master Gardener Program -

Our Commitment

NC Cooperative Extension, through the Extension Master Gardener Program, provides communities with ongoing horticultural, agricultural and environmental updates, information and advice. 


In Craven County, Extension Master Gardeners are dedicated to the development and upkeep of the demonstration gardens at the county Agricultural Building located at 300 Industrial Drive in New Bern, NC.  Monthly garden tours and educational workshops are held here, free and open to the public.  Bulb sale proceeds are reserved specifically for these endeavors.

Why Order Bulbs from Us?

The Cooperative Extension mission to support local, regional and statewide agriculture is why the CCMGVA, Inc. offers a choice selection of bulbs purchased right here in Eastern North Carolina. Not only are most of the bulbs grown and seasoned in ENC, but the selections are also tried and true in Craven County


As Extension Master Gardeners, we offer advice from gardeners who have experience with our merchandise in your community. 

Please refer to the Zone Map linked below to determine your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone.

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