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As a bulb to force indoors, Amaryllis makes a lovely and thoughtful hostess gift for the holiday season. This large Amaryllis boasts soft painterly brushwork in apple blossom pink on a pure white background. The top-size bulbs can produce up to 4 flowers per stem and may also repeat with a second stem. Amaryllis can be planted outside after forcing for summertime bloom.  Plant in April when soil temperatures warm up leaving an inch or two of the neck above the soil. Allow it one to two years to establish itself outdoors before blooming.

Amaryllis ‘Apple Blossom’

SKU: 2AM010
    • 1 bulb/pkg
    • Up to 30 in. tall, pink and white
    • Blooms when forced and also when planted outside in summer sun
    • Great holiday gift and may be planted in the garden
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