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Peony ‘Monsieur Jules Elie’ is a giant fully double light pink to rose ‘bomb-type’ peony whose flowers are gorgeous and fragrant. The plant itself is a very long-lived perennial. The blooms are spectacular in the garden and as cut flowers. Some consider peonies to be the queen of garden flowers. It is deer resistant and blooms mid to late spring. Plant the tuberous root in full sun to dappled afternoon shade with the ‘eyes’ (small pink buds) no more than 1 in. beneath the soil. Failure to flower can occur if planted too deeply. Water regularly when top 3 in. of soil are dry.

Peony ‘Monsieur Jules Elie’

SKU: 2PN040
    • 36 in. tall, double light pink to rose
    • Mid to late spring bloom, full sun to partial afternoon shade
    • Fragrant and a fantastic cut flower
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