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Narcissus ‘Hillstar’ produces 2 to 3 blossoms per 12 to 14 in. stem in a reverse bi-color process. The 2¾ in. wide blossoms have short funnel-shaped cups that start off in an almost uniform lemon yellow. After about a week a white halo begins to show at the base of each trumpet and after another week or so the trumpets turn to a creamy white as well. This colorful process contrasts well with the slender, dark-green foliage of the bulb. ‘Hillstar’ blooms in mid to late spring.

Narcissus 'Hillstar'

SKU: 2DF0720
    • 12 to 14 in. tall, yellow to creamy white
    • Begins bloom mid to late spring in full sun to part shade
    • Fragrant, changing color throughout spring
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