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Lycoris africana (aurea) goes by many common names including Yellow Spider Lily and Golden Hurricane Lily. This less common variety of Lycoris will make a bright distinctive addition to your late summer/early fall garden with its golden yellow blooms. It likes to be planted in full sun 4 to 6 inches deep in average soil and moisture. Its mature height is 12 to 24 inches. Think carefully about where you plant this elegant lady as it does not like to be transplanted. You will be rewarded with wavy-edged yellow flowers with recurved petals creating a spidery effect. After the flowers fade, foliage sprouts from the bulb and persists through the winter months again going dormant in mid-spring. These are long-lived bulbs that are deer resistant but attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Lycoris africana (aurea) Yellow Spider Lily

    • 12 to 24-inch flower spikes
    • Plant in full sun
    • Bulbs are long-lived
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