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Gloriosa superba ‘Rothschildiana’ Glory Lily is a stunning vine that needs a trellis, fence, container or evergreen shrub to grow on. The leaf tips have tiny tendrils that grab on to anything that will enable it to climb. Sometimes, this vine likes to sleep the first year of planting before showing itself!  Well worth the wait, the blooms are vivid red and yellow with petals that reflex back to make flowers that grow 4- to 5-inches wide. The vine will grow 6-feet high in full sun to part shade. Use extra mulch in winter for protection. Glory Lilies bloom July to September.

Gloriosa superba ‘rothschildiana’

SKU: 1GL605
    • Vine will grow 6-feet high
    • Vivid yellow and red flowers
    • May take 2 years to establish
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