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Daylily Mix: ‘Strawberry Candy’, ‘Wilson Yellow’ and ‘Chicago Apache’ Our selections give you months of blooms and are very reliable perennials. Divide clumps every five years. ‘Strawberry Candy’ is semi-evergreen, blooms early to mid-summer and then again in late summer. Grows 22- to 26-in. tall, with textured, pink petals and ruffled edges. It has a strawberry eye and yellow throat with multiple blooms on the stem. Easy to grow. ‘Wilson Yellow’ grows 26- to 30-in. tall, with big starry yellow flowers and a red band of color in the throat. Need full sun for this one, blooms June and July. Goes dormant in fall. ‘Chicago Apache’ grows 27- in. tall, blooms mid-season and then again in late summer. The blooms are a beautiful red reaching 5-in. across. Goes dormant in fall. All like full sun to part shade and attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Day Lily Collection: Strawberry Candy, Wilson Yellow & Chicago Apache

SKU: 3DY998
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