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Amaryllis ‘Minerva petals show a striking white star outlined in fire-engine red. When it comes to multiple stems and many flowers on each stem, large bulb size matters! Growing up to 24 in. tall, each stem produces 3 to 4 flowers that will bloom 6 to10 weeks after planting. Plant these jumbo bulbs indoors in pots with about an inch of the bulb above the soil about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. They should bloom for the holidays and last throughout the season. In eastern NC, the bulbs can be planted outside in spring. Give them a year to establish and they will bloom every summer thereafter. It’s a perfect holiday hostess gift.

Amaryllis ‘Minerva’

SKU: 2AM070
    • 24 in. tall, white star interior with bright red petals
    • Force indoors for holiday bloom, then plant outdoors
    • A real stunner!
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